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Get to Know Me

I started Mammoth in 2018 after 17 successful years in Sales and Management roles. Starting at grass roots management in a Blockbuster video store I then moved into corporate sales world in London.

After a brilliant and challenging 7 years, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own company in 2008.

Then it was time for adventure! My wife and I left our London world and set off for Qatar in the Middle East. Our adventure lasted 4 years and we came back with amazing experiences, a different understanding of the world, brilliant friends - and a son.

In 2016 I met with a life coach and realised how beneficial they could be in today's society and high-pressure work environment. I had already worked with teens at risk of exclusion in a mentoring capacity with great success - so bringing some of these skills to a new role got me excited.

Then began 2 long years of reading, training and practising - until finally the Mammoth emerged.

About Me: About Me
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